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HY-MALL Tesco and Hu Han selected SM-100 for their newly opened stores.
HI-Scale Trading succeeded in making inroads for the new DIGI model SM-100, selling to a new Aus-Mart supermarket store in KL, Malaysia.
POS ECR terminal, WebPrime_S released

DIGI's new model SM-100 series successfully launched in the worldwide market

The SM-100 was released in November 2004 in China and then extended to the world market starting in March 2005. As part of the DIGI SM series, the SM-100 has similar functions to the SM-300/SM-500/SM-90 for label printing, and is wireless communication ready. Here are reports from China and Malaysia.

Report from China
HY-MALL Tesco and Hu Han selected SM-100 for their newly opened stores.

  HY-MALL Tesco opened two new hyperrmarkets in August and September, both in Shanghai. A total of 36 units of the new model SM-100 series have been installed with wireless communication together with the SM-300 hanging scales. HY-MALL Tesco, a group company of Tesco, now operates about 30 hypermarkets in China. Shanghai Teraoka Electronic Co., Ltd. secured the contract with HY-MALL Tesco, as a supplier for their nationwide hypermarkets in 2004. The deal was started with the model SM-80L, and now the SM-100 is scheduled to be installed in all their new stores that will be opened in the future.
  Hu Han, a group company of Wuhan Zhongbai China Warehouse Supermarket Co., Ltd., picked up DIGI SM-100 for their three supermarket stores, recently opened in Wuhan Hubei, where the Headquarters is located.
  The business relationship with Hu Han dates back to 1997. Since then, various products of the SM series have been installed. Now, Hu Han operates 38 supermarkets.
All SM-100 units are networked in wireless communication HY-MALL Tesco in Shanghai
All SM-100 units are networked in wireless communication

(Reported by Mr. Yuan, Manager of POS Marketing Project of Shanghai Teraoka)

Report from Malaysia
HI-Scale Trading succeeded in making inroads for the new DIGI model SM-100, selling to a new Aus-Mart supermarket store in KL, Malaysia.

SM-100 selected both for their front and back end operations
  Opened in Ampang, KL in July, AusMart chose DIGI as its partner for their weighing needs, for both front and back end operations. (See pictures)
  HI-Scale has supported AusMart's front-end sales needs with the new model SM-100 Elevated type. With DigiNet retail software, the SM-100, which also has networking capabilities through its Ethernet ports, truly impressed the customer. Aus-Mart also liked SM-100's sleek but robust design, which has attracted shoppers'attention as well.
  For AusMart's backroom receiving needs, HI-Scale's Technical Director, Andee Ng recommended the DS-530 to serve them better.
  Wong Swee Seong, Managing Director of HIScale Trading, notes that AusMart appreciates HIScale's ability to provide support and service under one roof as shown by their choosing DIGI as the brand for all of their weighing needs. Yet again, this is a good sign for HI-Scale as they grow with their customer. At this moment, Andee Ng is certainly excited and is hoping that this will be the first of many orders from AusMart Supermarket in Malaysia.

(Reported by Andee Ng, Technical Director of HI-Scale Trading Sdn Bhd.)

POS ECR terminal, WebPrime_S released

  WebPrime_S is completely new, designed for the various demands of POS application. After more than 2 years of global marketing research, DIGI integrated nearly all the requirements from customers and DIGI distributors into this WebPrime_S.
  • Powerful hardware configuration
  • Flexible application software embedding
  • Multiple peripheral connectivity
  • Maximized adaptability for the global market
  • Reasonable cost while still meeting customer needs
  • Easy maintenance for service cost reduction
  WebPrime_S is mainly designed for Convenience Stores, Mini Stores, small Super Markets, Brand Stores, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bakery Shops, Deli Shops and others.
  WebPrime_S is totally flexible and has a versatile design. Customers can link any peripherals that they want if the original driver of the device is matched for this OS. The operation system is also flexible; customers may ask DIGI to pre-install or install the following OS by themselves: Win98, Win2000, WinNT, WinXP, WinXP Embedded, and Linux. The drivers for Customer Display, Cash Drawer and Touch Panel as well as the OPOS driver are all available.
  DIGI is now ready to launch the new generation POS ECR Terminal WebPrime_S.

(Reported by Jonny Zhu, Manager of Technical Support Department of Shanghai Teraoka Electronic Co., Ltd.)