IMSISPAL S.A., Spain, becomes wholly-owned subsidiary of Teraoka Seiko, Co., Ltd.

This is to announce the acquisition of distributor, IMSISPAL S.A. (below IMSISPAL), with headquarters in Bilbao, Spain which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teraoka Seiko Co., Ltd.
Through this acquisition, we aim to strengthen our sales and service capacity and increase our market share within Spanish market.
IMSISPAL’s New Corporate Structure
Official date of acquisition: October 2, 2017
Company name:                    IMSISPAL S.A.
                                                (To be changed in 2018)
Main business activities:     Sales of wrapping, weighing, and label printing equipment, 
                                               high-speed weigh, price and apply systems and related services
                                               for the retail and food industry.
Managing Director:              Alejandro Rivera
Director:                                Kosuke Yamamoto
Director:                                Yujiro Sato


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