DIGI group introductory video


TERAOKA/DIGI, creating new standards since its founding in 1934.

Starting with scales, TERAOKA/DIGI has always been a leader in the retail industry. And with constant innovation, TERAOKA/DIGI continues creating new standards.

The main business fields have grown to include logistics, food industry, and hospitality, and the company is a trusted partner for customers in all of these fields.

TERAOKA/DIGI Group has over 3,500 employees around the globe, and a sales and service network that spans nearly 150 countries.

Please enjoy this introduction to TERAOKA/DIGI—a company that takes on new challenges in a wide variety of fields, throughout the global market.


Corporate profile

DIGI is Teraoka's global brand, supported by a sales network covering 150 countries. Our strategy is "global localization" which combines the challenge of doing all the product development, production, and marketing locally and creates new standards by merging these elements.

This 9-minute-video shows DIGI's operations in Asia and Europe with introductory messages from customers and employees in each area.