Note: This product is no longer being sold. Please consult with your local contact regarding maintenance of this model or replacement models.



Compact and light-weight, yet rugged
wireless multi-handy terminal

Employs a 3-inch color LCD display, the largest in its class for a commercial scanner. Weighing a mere 226 grams, it nonetheless provides IP65-compliant ingress protection against dust and water. Operates for about 16 continuous hours on a single charge. Equipped with Microsoft Windows® CE 5.0 for an open development environment. Allows large master data files to be stored and used on SD memory cards set in its memory card slot. When used together with Bluetooth®-compatible devices, is invaluable for rationalizing operations in fields such as distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing.

Safe and reliable network support

Features IEEE802.11b/g wireless LAN compatibility and supports WPA-PSK/WPA2 encryption, ensuring both security and compatibility with high-speed wireless network architectures. Can be used with Bluetooth®-compatible devices such as wireless mobile printers to achieve labor savings in a variety of process management situations.

Operability you can depend on in the workplace

Equipped with a proximity sensor, barcode can be scanned simply by bringing the scanner within range; there is no need to press a button. Also reads QR code. Supports paperless management, and helps reduce errors through simple operation. Whether for product verification or stock taking, inventory management, maintaining productivity histories or implementing traceability, this scanner supports a wide variety of applications.

Transmission of weighing data

The MT-3000 can receive weighing data transmitted wirelessly by Bluetooth®-compatible scales. Product names and lot numbers stored in the MT-3000 during individual weighing operations can be transferred along with weighing data to a computer as a single batch. This can dramatically improve efficiency of weighing operations in locations with suboptimum work environments.

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