Automatic in-line inspection system eliminating labeling errors

The VIS-Mi is an intelligent camera system able to check printed areas of a label for errors. The automatic in-line machine allows fast and continuous inspection of every labeled pack on the production line.

Color touch screen

The large color touch screen aids easy operation and programming. The high visibility of the screen gives a clear indication of the status of each inspected pack.

Single or twin label inspection

Using the sophisticated label checking software the VIS-Mi checks each of the programmed label fields as it dynamically passes under the camera. If required a second label of a promotional type can also be inspected on the same pack for correct type and location.

Inspections clearly displayed

Once an inspection of a label has been carried out the result is clearly displayed giving a visual indication.

Checking of multiple fields

The intelligent camera can accurately inspect multiple fields on the label. Fields such as the commodity name, price, barcode and dates can all be simultaneously inspected.

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