Wide and long conveyors for weigh price labeling of larger packs

The WIL-700 has the same width conveyor as the WI-700 with the added benefit of longer infeed & scale conveyors. This allows packs up to 475mm long to be dynamically weighed, priced & labeled at up to 37packs per minute. This PC based machine allows easy integration with existing machines and networking and comes with color touch screen and quick release conveyor system. 

Long scale

The WIL-700 scale and infeed conveyors are each 650mm long. With the conveyor width being the same as the WI-700 machine this gives a large versatile scale area for long and wide products.

High speed labeler

The high speed labeler gives fast application, large label roll diameter and 300dpi thermal print head.

WIL-700 operation system

The DIGI-700 series uses an industrial PC utilising embedded software on a Windows® operating system. This offers a flexible integration for bi-directional communication in XML format to back-office server data collection, programming and line monitoring.

Wide sensors and pack guides

The extra wide sensor positioning and strong pack guide rails ensure the widest of products pass through the machine correctly.

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