Full touch screen PC scale with customer friendly operations and market-savvy functions

The SM-5600 is equipped with a state-of-the-art touch screen, which allows users to intuitively navigate the system without having to memorize long PLU numbers. Complement this with a highly efficient system and other time-saving presets, users can access product listings in a blink of an eye.

- Color touch screen
- Fast printing speed 150mm/s
- 80mm wide print width
- Linerless printing
- Interchangeable cassette
- Windows Operating System

Multi-media Possibilities

Up sell or cross sell with the multi-media functionality by simply interfacing with 12.1” customer display.

Queue and Collection management system

Higher Sales Turnover with integrated queue and collection management

SM-5600 integrated queue and collection management provides customers with the convenience to continue shopping while waiting for their turn to be called, effectively reducing walk-away and increasing sales.
With the queue management and ordering system, your customers can continue to shop while waiting for their number to be called.

Electronic signage solution

Database updates at the server are automatically sent to the e.LABEL and InfoTag, ensuring that pricing is in sync with the checkout at all times.
Hi-Touch function enables fast and easy PLU retrieval by acting as a remote preset key, eliminating the need to memorize PLU numbers.

Windows based operating system

The Windows based operating system provides greater flexibility and supports the latest Microsoft technology, allowing in-house IT personal to manage software upgrades with ease.
The scale application software, e.Leap, efficiently manages price and administrates PLU from one centralized location.
Prominent operator and customer displays ensure ease of use and maximize multimedia advertising exposure.

High resolution and high speed printing

Equipped with a fast processor and printer to provide users a seamless experience. The fast printer provides high speed printing up to 150mm/second so no operation lag will ever  be experienced. 
Offers 300dpi resolution for the printing of marketing messages and corporate logos on labels. 

PC scale add-on features

The SM-5600 series can have add-on features like the ECR functions, remote diagnostics and help mode for operators making it a complete and versatile PC based scale.

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