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Self Service Kiosk (ePayment)

Help restaurant businesses leap to the next level of productivity

  • Main Features
Let your restaurant's profitability and service productivity take flight with DIGI's integrated self ordering and payment kiosks.

A new self service experience

This self service solution integrates both ordering and payment functions at a single point. The seamless transition from ordering of food, to payment, to pickup creates a brand new service experience for the customer.
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Multiple kiosk housing options

A range of kiosk housing options are available. These include desk mounts, wall mounts and mobile kiosk housing options. 
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Compatible with Delious CLOUD

Delious CLOUD Back Office provides mobile access to operational data of restaurant outlets regardless of location. Delious CLOUD offers many features that effectively ease restaurant management. Together with the productivity gains from DIGI innovative solutions, Delious CLOUD frees up more time for operations staff to focus on their restaurant business, and for service staff to serve their customers better.
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