Label Display Solution for Food Service Establishments

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Restaurant patrons are increasingly concerned with what goes into their food.

Provide correct labeling of ingredients used in takeout products so customers can take them home with confidence. Ingredients in kitchens must also be managed with labels to prevent food accidents.

Customer Needs

  1. Affix labels to takeout products
  2. Prevent food contamination
  3. Tightly control ingredients used in the kitchen

Takeout product food labeling for peace of mind and safety

Product labels are a valuable source of information that shoppers rely on when selecting food products. When takeout items at a food and beverage shop bear labels conforming to legislative mandates, customers can take them home with confidence. Product master data can be centrally managed in the cloud, so individual stores do not have to maintain master data files.

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Prevent expiration of food ingredients with shelf-life labeling

Food service establishments must carefully manage stock to ensure food sold to customers does not contain expired products. However, control systems that rely on handwritten records are vulnerable to recording errors and miscalculations. DIGI's labelers have a built-in clock, and can be used to print labels with expiration dates that are calculated automatically. Affixing control labels to food products helps assure complete and reliable ingredient management.

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