LI-700E static weigh-WP02


Entry level stop to weigh price labeler

Single framed modular design static weigh price labeler. Available as a compact 2 or 3 conveyor system, this machine offers entry level weigh price labeling at up to 45 packs per minutes.

Compact design

The compact single frame design of the LI-700E allows this machine to be fitted into production lines where line length is limited. The 3 conveyor machine will suit both new and existing systems giving maximum performance for minimal outlay.
LI-700E static weigh-WP04-1

LI-700E operation system

The LI-700E uses an industrial PC with IP65 ingress protection. Using embedded software on a Windows® operating system this machine offers flexible integration for bi-directional communication in XML format to back-office server data collection, programming and line monitoring.
LI-700E static weigh-WP04-2

Low cost industrial printer

The LC labeler is the standard labeler for the LI-700E. This labeler has an 80mm, 300dpi thermal head and air box applicator.
LI-700E static weigh-WP04-3

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