SEARCHING FOR A NEW BALANCE/The video of the DIGI/TERAOKA group Japan factory was completed

The DIGI/ TERAOKA Group is “Creating New Standards” in the market with cutting edge technologies and solutions, and providing customers worldwide with new value. Although new standards are likely to become more common as time goes by, it is DIGI/ TERAOKA’s dedicated philosophy to shatter the existing equilibrium (balance), take the initiative to create new standards, and search for a brand-new equilibrium (balance). This is what “SEARCHING FOR A NEW BALANCE” actually means.

Our activities to create new standards are not only related to the research and development of new products. This philosophy has also taken root in our production factories. Our Japanese factory (DIGI I’s) located in the Tohoku region (Iwate Prefecture) continues to manufacture high-quality products for export around the world.

There are a lot of interesting places to see near the factory. This area has been an active production site for castings for hundreds of years and is famous for Nanbu-tekki ironware, a Japanese traditional craft. Although there are differences in the methods used between such handcraft and our state-of-the-art factory, they have skills and techniques in common that have been transferred over many years.

In addition, the factory is close to “Hiraizumi”, a world heritage site, where you can see Japanese culture such as beautiful temples and gardens. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the seasonal natural beauty of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, hot springs, and local food specialties. Don’t miss a visit there when you come to our factory.


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