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High speed wide automatic weigh price labeler


Food Industry

Main Features

The HI-700W is a wide conveyor high speed weigh price labeller. Its flexible label handling offers increased production line efficiency. This PC based machine uses embedded software on a Windows® operating system allowing easy integration with existing machines and networking.
Dynamic weighing / in motion weighing and a high speed labeller allows up to 120ppm.
Colour touch screen for easy and quick programming and plu selection
Quick release conveyor system


High productivity for wide packs

Dynamic weighing / In motion wigh price labeling and high speed label operation for fast production of packs up to 410mm wide


High speed labeller

The high speed labeler gives fast application, large label roll diameter and 300dpi thermal print head


PC based machine

The DIGI-700 series uses an industrial PC system.  The embedded software on a Windows® operating system allows flexible integration for bi-directional communication in XML format to back-office server data collection, programming and line monitoring - PC Based, Windows with Touch Screen.


Base labeling with wide conveyor

The modular design of the HI-700W gives great flexibility when additional labelers are required. The HI-700W can integrate up to 5 labelers, being top and bottom labeling with automatic label swapping and multiple labels per pack.



  • HI-700W-WP05-1
  • HI-700W-WP05-2
  • HI-700W-WP05-3


Capacity Max 6 kg Max 12 kg
Single Interval e= 1g or greater e= 2g or greater


Screen 12.1 colour LED display
Touch panel 12.1 pen/finger resistive type

Operation and general specification

Pack speed up to 120 packs per minute

Pack size

Pack size capable Length: 80 to 300mm, Width: 40 to 410mm, Height: 180mm maximum
for standard length scale of 470mm & standard with (250mm) scale

Labeler - high speed

Label size width: 30 to 120mm, height: 28 to 150mm
Label roll max 300mm diameter, 76mm core, inside/outside wound
Label application system 9 finger touch, Multijet air box
Print speed 50 to 260mm/sec
Print head 80mm at 300dpi, 108mm at 300dpi



Labeler option - Classic type

80mm or 108mm thermal head both being 11.8dots/mm (300dpi)

Applicators: touch, air box, concave shoe, stamp
Label size: Width: 30 to 120 mm,  Height: 28 to 150mm
Label roll:  Roll diameter 300mm, Core diameter 76mm, Outside or inside wound
Print speed: 50 to 260mm/sec
Platen roller

Additional printers

The flexibility of the HI-700W allows other industrial type printers that support TCP/IP communication to be connected

label applicators

Digi has a range of label applicators to reliably apply many shapes and sizes of labels to the pack


  • HI-700W-WP09-1
  • HI-700W-WP09-2


  • What is the widest pack the HI-700W can weigh?
    The HI-700W has wider conveyors than the standard HI and can handle a pack up to 410mm wide
  • What is the longest pack the HI-700W can weigh?
    The scale can weigh a product up to 300mm long.
  • What weight product can the HI-700W weigh?
    For a scale capacity of up to 6kg the scale can weigh at a 1g resolution. A higher capacity of 12kg is also available with a resolution of 2g