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This service is only available in Japan at the moment.

Payoss - Cloud-based One-Stop Multi-payment Service

DIGI’s Payoss is a comprehensive cloud-based multi-payment system that not only ensures the utmost in security for credit card transactions, but also streamlines payment procedures and lets you visualize transaction data so you can optimize your operation. With the rapid rise in inbound tourism, the ability to handle a wide variety of credit cards and payment methods makes Payoss an invaluable asset to merchants.
The Revised Installment Sales Act, a law that includes provisions for credit card transactions in Japan, will go into effect in 2018. The Act stipulates that all businesses that handle in-store credit card transactions must be 100% IC card compliant by March 2020. This is to ensure that Japan’s merchants meet international security standards for card use.
DIGI’s Payoss system offers all the functionality you will need to accommodate the ever-increasing diversification of payment methods the industry is seeing.

Payoss Cloud-based Multi-payment Service Features

Payoss is DIGI’s one-stop multi-payment system that provides everything from high-performance PIN pads and POS terminals to comprehensive transaction data processing

  • Centrally Manage Transaction Data Through the DIGI Transaction Gateway Center
  • Strengthen Payment Security With Non-retention of Card Information
  • Use One Terminal to Handle a Wide Range of Payment Methods
  • Visualize Data On a Dedicated Portal Site and Streamline Your Operation
  • Support Inbound Tourism Needs and Increase Sales Revenue

Centrally Manage Transaction Data Through the DIGI Transaction Gateway Center

Transaction data is centrally handled and managed by the PCI-DSS compliant DIGI Transaction Gateway Center. The Center consolidates the transaction application by linking the POS terminals of each sales establishment with the card company/e-money business centers, and realizes scalability, security, and cost reduction.

Strengthen Payment Security with Non-retention of Card Information

Payoss handles card payments without retaining the customer’s credit card information by separating the POS from the credit card payment terminal, so card information is not stored by the merchant. This ensures that the customer’s card information is safe from being leaked, even if the store computer or head office server were to be infected by a virus.

Use One Terminal to Handle a Wide Range of Payment Methods

P400 and JT-C30 multi-payment PIN pads handle a wide range of card transactions, including, credit cards, China UnionPay, various e-money cards, and merchant-issued credit cards. The terminals work with the POS system, so the need for double entry is eliminated, greatly simplifying the payment process. In addition, DIGI contracts with each credit card company and e-money operator, so you only need to deal with one entity*. Handling credit card payments has never been easier.

*Some card brands may require the merchant to directly contract with the card company.

Verifone P400 PIN Pad

P400 is a multi-payment PIN pad that is compatible with a wide range of e-money and credit cards. This eliminates clutter in the POS area by eliminating the need for multiple card readers to handle various card brands. It also lets consumers pay with the card of their choice, without having to hand the cashier this or that card, depending on what type of terminal is available.
P400 can also handle merchant-issued credit cards.

External dimensions (mm) 80(W) x 167(D) x 44(H)

J-Mups JT-C30 PIN Pad

JT-C30 is a multi-payment PIN pad that supports a variety of e-money, credit, and debit cards, including the China UnionPay card.

The terminal is equipped with an easy-to-read LED-backlit 5.0-inch TFT color LCD display of 1280 x 720 pixels. Transaction processing and operability are enhanced by adopting an electrostatic touch panel and a 1.7 GHz quad core CPU. And, JT-C30 can be operated stand-alone or in conjunction with the POS system.

External dimensions (mm) 103(W) x 166(D) x 109(H)

Visualize Data on a Dedicated Customer Portal Site and Streamline Your Operation

Tally screens let you confirm upcoming deposit amounts at a glance

Our dedicated customer portal site lets you centrally manage transaction information and cash amounts for each credit card company. The site automatically calculates the number of transactions, the amount of cash used for credit, the service charge amounts, and the expected cash transfers from the card companies, all up to the previous day. And, this information can be accessed in near-real-time from multiple sales locations. Tallies for each card brand are also displayed, making troublesome tabulation work a thing of the past and improving the overall efficiency of office operations.

Connectivity with the POS system*1 allows you to not only check the amount of credit used, but also the cash sales, on the same tally screen.

*1: Certain DIGI models

Intuitive Charts for Quick Recognition

Check the utilization ratio of various payment methods using an intuitive line chart. Or, check the transaction details for each terminal. Data output in PDF and CSV formats is also supported.

Supported browser: Internet Explorer 11

Support Inbound Tourism Needs and Increase Sales Revenue

Offer shoppers and tourists from abroad a secure and convenient shopping experience, and improve sales at the same time. Support is also planned for payments using smart phones, which are becoming the mainstream overseas. The ability to handle inbound tourism is becoming increasingly important in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2020.

Customer Challenges


  • How is this service different from conventional services?

    The Payoss multi-payment service offers customers a dedicated cloud-based portal site for visualizing transaction data. A customer can check the amount of cash used for credit and the expected transfers from card companies up to the previous day, so there is no need for employees to do the data collection and calculations manually - a great time and money saver.

    Subtotals for each card brand can be confirmed at a glance. Pie charts and line graphs are used to intuitively display important information, such as the utilization rate, so you can readily apply the information to business management and decision making.

    And, very importantly, this service is available to our customers free of charge.

  • Will I be able to accept all card brands if I sign up with Payoss?

    TFor certain card brands, such as JCB, American Express, and Diners Club, we request that you establish a merchant contract directly with the card company. Other than these companies, a comprehensive merchant contract with DIGI is possible. Of course, our PIN pad offering can handle credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, JCB, China UnionPay, as well as various transportation-related e-money cards and iD, Rakuten Edy, WAON, and nanaco e-money cards.