Report from USA
NBI closed the order for 950 units of SM-720 from Walmart
NBI held a meeting of all service distributors in Central America, for full Walmart support. John Baumann, President of NBI (2nd from right of the standing group) and Ivo Idavoy, Retail Sales Manager of NBI (2nd from right of the sitting group) organized the meeting.
  NBI successfully closed an order for 950 units of SM-720 to Walmart. These scales will be installed during 2008 and 2009. When completed, Walmart Central America will be using only DIGI SM type scales in all service departments, meat, cheese, produce and bakery in all stores. In addition, all scales will be connected to the Walmart corporate network for data maintenance and support.

Why was DIGI selected?
  NBI has over the years sold, installed and maintained almost 1200 SM type scales in Walmart stores. We have established a very effective service network, trained service technicians, adapted and modified software to meet the needs of Walmart. We already had proven that DIGI had the technical ability and resources to successfully work with and support Walmart in this very difficult market. At this time, Walmart desired to connect all scales into their corporate network. NBI, with the support from Heng Yong Chiang and Ikuo Harashima of Teraoka/DIGI group met with Walmart and fully demonstrated the connectivity of SM scales to the current Walmart network. Walmart IT people were very impressed. In addition, we had already established an effective, proven service support group. These factors coupled with a cost-effective proposal made DIGI the supplier of choice to replace all existing old non-Ethernet type scales in all existing and new stores. This was a very effective and successful accomplishment for everyone involved and shows the value of cooperation in closing orders for large multi national customers.
  NBI sponsored and held a meeting of all servicing distributors involved with Walmart support. During this meeting, Ivo Idavoy, Retail Sales Manager of NBI, reviewed all aspects of this order with all servicing locations. In addition, a common service plan was discussed and will be provided to Walmart to assure that all servicing locations will provide the same level and cost of service no matter where the equipment is located. Everyone attending this meeting fully participated and was very excited and happy to be working with NBI, DIGI and Walmart.

Reported by John Baumann, President of NBI