SM-5300 X Series and AW-5600ATII Étude de cas: Pam Panorama

Pam Panorama chooses DIGI as sole supplier to implement innovative solutions and reduce costs

Established in 1958 and at its 65th anniversary, Pam Panorama is one of Italy’s largest retail giants. Pam Panorama is part of Pam Group, that has a turnover of €3.3 billion and over 1000 stores and 9,000 employees across the country.

‘‘With DIGI, we feel confident about the future, because the technology we chose can adapt to our future needs.’’ Diego Berta, Pam Panorama, ICT Manager

Seeing is Believing
With the intention of revamping its supermarket concept to offer an innovative shopping experience, the Venice-based retailer launched a tender in July 2022 seeking for a single supplier capable of bringing new technologies to the table.
DIGI Italia, who was invited to participate in this tender, took no chances upon the first meeting by presenting its complete offer of scales and wrappers, as well as a comparison to highlight the differences between DIGI’s linerless labels and the die-cut labels that the customer was using.

Together with a calculation on how much cost and waste savings can be achieved with DIGI’s Linerless solution, the initial meeting immediately piqued Pam’s interest, who then made linerless a standard requirement for the tender.

A Cut Above The Rest
Despite fierce competition from other linerless suppliers, DIGI Italia still emerged as the top choice for Pam Panorama thanks to DIGI’s deep knowledge in linerless technology since introducing the solution industry-wide back in 2010 and the success with many other Italian retailers through the years. DIGI was also the only supplier who could offer both scales and wrappers, as well as an encompassing offer for service and future developments.

This tender will see Pam replace its old non-DIGI scales that were installed before 2017, with almost 1200 scales and 60 wrappers by the end of 2023.

The customer chose two variants of SM-5300 X to be deployed across different departments, with the bench and elevated variants at the seafood, meat and deli sections. At the fresh produce section, shoppers can enjoy using the self-service variant of RM5800.

‘‘The Linerless solution is a winning one, both for reduction in label usage and easier roll replacement for operators.’’

Towards a More Sustainable Future
With a high 300 dpi print resolution, the DIGI’s linerless labels provide extremely high readability for shoppers while ensuring Pam’s branding is shown professionally on every print.

Other than the top-notch printing quality, what sets DIGI apart from competitors is the built-in auto-cutter, which cuts labels to just the right length, eliminating unnecessary white space to reduce label consumption so that every label roll can be fully maximised.

This solution also features an easy roll replacement method, allowing operators to insert a fresh roll of linerless label in just seconds. Each scale also comes with a notification feature to inform operators when the label roll is depleting.

These not only reduces downtime significantly but also allow operators to focus more on their key tasks such as providing a better customer service and increase their productivity during pre-packing.

A Single Point of Contact for All Needs
The benefits of the Linerless solution goes beyond scales, as this sustainable technology can also be seen in DIGI’s high performance automatic wrappers AW-5600ATII, that offers customer a single instrument for all prepack operations (weighing, wrapping, labelling). DIGI wrappers provide top-notch automation during prepack operations as well as the flexibility of a PC-based device.

DIGI also supplied DIGIweb, the new software that allows Pam Panorama to remotely manage all devices in an easy and intuitive manner. This solution is also scalable and can be deployed in different installation settings, allowing for future developments.

As the sole service provider of this project, Pam Panorama can rely on DIGI to quickly resolve any possible issue. Thanks to PC-based devices that allow for remote maintenance via the centralised management software, Pam Panorama is able to monitor machine status remotely at HQ level without the need for physical presence of a technician at the store.

‘‘The centralised software solution offers remote access to the devices’ status, giving us a clear and complete view of our in-store assets, which grants us better control on the costs of managing our scales and wrappers.’’

This allows the customer to keep downtime to a minimum and to manage all scales and wrappers with ease, while streamlining in-store operations thanks to the new DIGI solutions that can be deployed on all devices, ultimately increasing the overall store productivity.


Customer Profile

Company: Pam Panorama
Country: Italy

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