Stocktaking Solution

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Stocktaking solution slashes work time and reduces the burden of inventory management

Products on the selling floor are counted simply by scanning. Making use of the ergonomically-optimized handy terminal, DIGI's stocktaking system greatly helps increase work efficiency.

Customer Needs

  1. A handy terminal that can be connected to existing systems
  2. Reduce work involved in stocktaking

Energy-conserving low power design and easy operation

You can scan 5,000 barcodes and make 200 wireless LAN data transmissions over a period of 8 hours without battery replacement, letting workers concentrate fully on their work. Just bringing the scanner close to products is all that is necessary for scanning, so even inexperienced personnel can use it easily without training.

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Another key to increased efficiency

With its large memory, you can preload with up to 1 million items of product master data via wireless LAN. Preloaded data makes a speedy match to scanned product data.

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Stocktaking the intelligent way

Barcode is scanned simply by bringing close to products. Stocktaking data is summarized just as soon as counting is completed and data is sent from scanners to the computer. This is the smart, efficient way to do stocktaking.

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