Leamington Spa Aldi store is the second to roll out Refill Coalition trial


Aldi has expanded its refill stations to another store as part of its partnership with The Refill Coalition.

The trial with Aldi first launched in its Solihull store in October 2023 in an attempt to tackle the use of single-use plastic packaging. The solution has now been rolled out to Aldi's Leamington Spa store, giving more customers the ability to save money whilst decreasing their use of single-use packaging.

The solution, a reusable bulk vessel, has been developed to deliver refills at scale for key food staples such as cereals and pasta, and household products such as cleaning and personal care products, allowing retailers to sell refill products at a cheaper price than their packaged equivalents. The network of reusable vessels are washed and reused to decrease the use of disposable packaging further

Since forming in 2020, the coalition has partnered with leading UK retailers and global manufacturers, Aldi, Ocado Retail, CHEP, DIGI Europe Ltd and Eden Trade Fixtures, to develop a solution for in-store and home delivery refill of bulk products. Changing the mindset of shoppers is difficult, therefore the solution had to be as seamless, attractive and reliable as possible. During the design and development process, each manufacturer identified challenges and opportunities, helping to create the perfect eco-friendly solution. 


GoUnpackaged has said that initial sales had “exceeded” store expectations at Aldi's Solihull store.


At each in-store refill station, DIGI's solution removes the shopper's burden by transmitting a purchased item automatically to a DIGI SM-6000 scale and by simplifying the taring operation of BYO. Those innovative bulk refill solutions support and promote bulk sales and zero waste.

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