Wrap & band printer

The RGW-400 is a new concept in weigh-wrap-label machines products that offers greater safety along with a new way of finishing products that are distributed in trays with lids. Increase the attractiveness of packages by affixing film or paper band labels. Appeal to customers by conveying product information with rich printing designs.

Convey a sense of quality by applying film bands.

Capable of printing any desired product information on banding film, this printer lets you give new appeal to products that you can't achieve with conventional thermal labels. Film bands provide a broad printing area, allowing you to convey a product's features graphically.

Printing and wrapping in one operation

Affixing lids to trays is a time- and labor-intensive task involving cellophane tape and package wrapping. The RGW-400 performs band film printing and wrapping all in one continuous operation, greatly reducing the amount of work required for merchandising.

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