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Product Strap Banding Machine



Main Features

A new concept in banding machines that showcases the product while still offering information and secure packaging.

Product strap banding label with printing on demand for a new solution

DIGI's unique solution, RGW-560II showcases the product by sophisticated graphic design banding labels. It provides printing on demand with flexible images and information pre-programmed in the machine.


Adding value to customers’ products with a sleek, flexible, graphic banding label

The RGW-560II is a new concept in banding machines that showcases the product while still offering information and secure packaging. The flexible product strap eliminates the need for distracting labels allowing for a better package design appealing to customers.


Impact product presentation

Normal white labels increasingly obstruct the product view and degrade the appearance. The banding label’s sophisticated graphic design printing allows customers a better impression of the product.


Flexible design printing

The RGW-560II enables to the flexible design to print on demand by thermal transfer. The banding label has space to fit a wide variety of advertising images or multiple lines of information.


Secure packaging

The banding label uses a heat seal to safely secure the package, avoiding any chance the lid would open unexpectedly. No need to tape manually.


Utilize DIGI’s 5600 series console

The RGW-560II uses the DIGI 5600 series console to enable communication with other backroom wrapping machines or printers.  Easy and familiar operation helps improve efficiency.



The RGW-560II uses OPP film, ink-ribbon, and additional labels as consumables, which are easily sourced locally. Additional labels are only used for the transparent banding label so the barcode can be scanned properly.



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Package size Width: 50-240mm (2.0-9.4 inches)
Height: 10-150mm (0.4-5.9 inches)
Depth: 80mm or more (3.1 inches or more)
Banding speed Max: 12 packages/min.
Note: The banding speed may vary depending on the length of the band format.


Banding film type OPP
Print method Thermal transfer
Dot density 11.8dot/mm (300dpi)
Film width 60mm or 40mm
Printing area Max. 300mm (Between 95mm to 395mm from top of banding label)

Operation console

Display panel TFT LCD color (10.4 inches) touch panel
Operation keys Mechanical keys and touch panel
Memory for programmable files 18GB


Power source
and power consumption
AC 100-120 or 220-240V, 50/60Hz  280W
Net weight ・Apporpx. 41.4kg (RGW-560Ⅱ)
・Apporpx. 38kg (RGW-560ⅡCT)
Operation humidity 40 to 80%RH with no condensation




The RGW-560II CT (no console) can be used as a second printer for other DIGI 5600 series machines.



External labeler

Conventional thermal labels can also be issued from the external labeler connected to the RGW-560II.

Foot switch

Foot switch is available to operate start/stop functions. It is convenient to use a foot switch when both hands are occupied holding trays, or when the RGW-560II CT and operating console are far apart.

Case Studies

Case Study

Globus utilizes portable RGW-560IIS for efficient strap-banding across departments.

Globus-Markt in Krefeld

The Globus store in Krefeld sought a flexible and transportable Product Strap Banding solution and increased product presentation across in-house production departments such as the Sushi bar.


Allseas Sushi relies on RGW-5600II to simplify their daily operation

Allseas Sushi

Allseas Fisheries Corp., operator of Allseas Sushi, is one of Canada’s largest seafood distribution companies. Allseas Sushi is utilizing DIGI’s RGW-560II product strap banding machine for clear and attractive labeling of their sushi products.


  • Do you provide a solution for larger trays which do not fit?
    The manual mode option is provided for larger trays.