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Our Philosophy

Searching for a New Balance The theme of our ongoing challenge
Undaunted fortitude to never give up
A spirit for challenging the unknown with new ideas
We have been, and will continue to be, creating new standards

TERAOKA/DIGI’s Brand Message:
"Searching for a New Balance"

Our brand message originates from the image of a yacht race. A yacht race is a battle of intellect, psychology, and physical strength, whose objective is to use the wind to drive toward the goal of the finish, while overcoming the raging waves.

Moment by moment, it is a constant test of how one can strategically dominate the changing wind and waves, and read the tidal currents. It means breaking deadlocks, opening up new positions, and finding the right balance to keep moving forward.

This represents the attitude and approach we have when we do business. It is the message that embodies our constant effort to grasp the ever-changing attitudes and trends of our customers, and our unending aim of creating new markets.

DIGI Business Fields

Four Business Fields and Their Support Services

TERAOKA/DIGI has brought to the market many world-first or industry-first products that create a new standard. Since developing the Teraoka automatic spring scale in 1925, we have raised the functionality of the scale to the level of an information technology device, and are providing support in various fields for products other than scales, such as systems and network solutions.

The background to this is the expansion of our business fields.

Initially, we specialized in store automation, but through offering solutions that used leading edge technology, we leveraged that technology and experience to advance into logistics and the food industry.

We then expanded into hospitality, and then further into cloud services. We are proud to say that we have been evaluated highly and achieved a high level of trust from our customers in each of these business fields.

TERAOKA/DIGI provides new solutions that place priority on our field experience, which is one of our strong points. Together with offering our customers value-added and speedy services (service & cloud), we are helping to lead our customers businesses to success in these four business fields.

Our Brand Mark

The TERAOKA/DIGI brand mark is a visual embodiment of the TERAOKA/DIGI brand. It is TERAOKA/DIGI’s visage.

The inverted triangular shape represents the T in TERAOKA, while at the same time representing a scale, through the image of the knife-edge of a balance scale. The striped lines express the limitless challenge that expands into the future. This brand mark is imbued with our aspirations.

Our brand consists of TERAOKA for the Japanese market and DIGI for the overseas market. Although the activities for each market may differ, our business philosophy remains exactly the same.

Whether it is for Japan, or for all other countries, our singular business philosophy is embodied in our two brands.

Used in Japan
Used in all other markets worldwide