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AI Picking Cart - Picking Cart with Built-in Weigh Scale
SPK - High-precision Dimensioning Weigh Scale

Tokyo Logistics Factory Co., Ltd.


AI Picking Cart and SPK Dramatically Improve Work Efficiency and Increase Productivity

Tokyo Logistics Factory is a logistics company with operations in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama, Japan. The company introduced AI picking carts and SPK into its new shipping operations to improve work efficiency and increase productivity.


Creating a System with Logistics Efficiency in Mind

With an operation requiring a staff size approaching 100 people, the company needed a picking and packing system that was simple to use.

Our Solution

AI Picking Cart, a picking cart with a built-in weigh scale, and SPK, a high-precision dimensioning weigh scale



AI Picking Cart instructs the picker on the proper size of box to place on the cart before picking starts, essentially eliminating the need for inspection and repacking before shipment. A product master is created in advance using SPK, where the length, width, and height of products are measured and a photo is taken. During picking with the AI Picking Cart, the picker checks the products against the product master, so the products can then be shipped with no further inspection needed.
(Photo courtesy of Chifure Holdings Corporation.)


Customer Information

Company name: Tokyo Logistics Factory Co., Ltd.
Country: Japan