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Leading-edge Products and Systems Backed by High-quality Support and Cloud Services

At DIGI we are helping our customers' business by offering innovative products that are backed by high-quality support and advanced IoT and cloud services.

Revolutionizing Machine Maintenance with DIGI IoT

DIGI IoT ensures reliable operation of your DIGI machines with innovative cloud technology.
Our service engineers can remotely monitor and maintain the machines for continued smooth operation.

Optimized Performance with Software Updates

Software updates enable simultaneous updating of multiple DIGI machines, regardless of their locations. This simplifies the process of adding functions to optimize machine capability and imprementing necessary measures due to legal revisions. This ensures machine performance upgrades without the need to await service visits, enabling utilization of equipment in its latest state without incurring valuable time and cost

Advanced Support with Machine Diagonotics

With Machine Diagnostics, the timing of consumable parts replacement can be established in advance, ensuring proper machine operation and minimizing downtime risk. This proactive approach limits the chances of breakdowns, allowing equipment operation without unnecessary interruption.

Reliable Operation with Remote Maintenance

Remote Maintenance enables specialists to provide tech support from a distant location. As operational support and troubleshooting can be managed remotely, customer support is assured, allowing the use of our machines with comfort