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AI picking carts

Picking carts with built-in scales enable simultaneous picking and quantity verification

Cart with built-in scale is ideally suited for the most labor-intensive picking work in distribution centers. Contributes to increased productivity by wirelessly communicating with the shipping/receiving management system (IT-Matex III), which verifies quantities picked while simultaneously determining the optimum picking path. Eliminating the need to work with forms such as shipping instructions and minimizing the need for printed labels, this system helps reduce operational costs. Lightweight and compact even with its built-in scales, the cart also excels at navigating aisles. 

Weight and quantity can be measured simultaneously

In this video, we introduce the features of this product.

High-precision loadcell

Accurate quantity verification is achieved by adopting a high-performance load cell (internal resolution: 1/30,000; display resolution: 1/3000) to minimize unit weight errors.
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Worker motivation function

An animal character on the display changes to indicate per-hour picking performance. This helps workers increase performance in an enjoyable way. 
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Simultaneous box/loose verification

Box and loose weights can be registered for each PLU according to packing type. Not only does this facilitate simultaneous picking of boxed and loose items, but it helps keep orders together and makes it easy to tell how many items should be removed from a container to fill an order.
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