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AI picking carts-WP02

Picking carts with built-in scales enable simultaneous picking and quantity verification

AI picking carts


Main Features

Cart with built-in scale is ideally suited for the most labor-intensive picking work in distribution centers. Contributes to increased productivity by wirelessly communicating with the shipping/receiving management system (IT-Matex III), which verifies quantities picked while simultaneously determining the optimum picking path. Eliminating the need to work with forms such as shipping instructions and minimizing the need for printed labels, this system helps reduce operational costs. Lightweight and compact even with its built-in scales, the cart also excels at navigating aisles. 

Weight and quantity can be measured simultaneously

In this video, we introduce the features of this product.

AI picking carts-WP04-1

High-precision loadcell

Accurate quantity verification is achieved by adopting a high-performance load cell (internal resolution: 1/30,000; display resolution: 1/3000) to minimize unit weight errors.

AI picking carts-WP04-2

Worker motivation function

An animal character on the display changes to indicate per-hour picking performance. This helps workers increase performance in an enjoyable way. 

AI picking carts-WP04-3

Simultaneous box/loose verification

Box and loose weights can be registered for each PLU according to packing type. Not only does this facilitate simultaneous picking of boxed and loose items, but it helps keep orders together and makes it easy to tell how many items should be removed from a container to fill an order.






Multi-cart (Vertical type)

Multi-cart (Front-on type)

Single cart

Single cart (Detachable type)
Display 10.4-inch TFT LCD (SVGA) touch panel
Wireless communication Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g
Scanner Compatible barcode types UPC, EAN, JAN, CODE39, ITF
Operating time (handy scanner) 45000 scans, charges in 4 hours
Printer Print method Thermal printer
Print size 60 (W) x 120 (L) mm
Scales Maximum load weight 30 kg
Display resolution 1/30,000
Internal resolution 1/60,000
Number of scales 4 4 1 1
Power supply Continuous operating time 14 hours or better (front-on type cart)
* Varies according to manner used and environment.
Type Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery)
Charging time 10.5 hours
Charging system DIGI Chain charging (charges up to 5 units at once)
Cart Service temperature 5 to 35℃ during operation, 0 to 55℃ in storage
Service humidity 20 to 85% RH (no condensation)
Frame material Aluminum
Dimensions (mm)
W x H x D
570 x 1140 x 1350 830 x 1024 x 841 570 x 1050 x 1285 620 x 1130 x 625
Weight 45 kg 45 kg 34 kg 40 kg


AI picking carts-WP07-1

Multi-cart (vertical type)


Equipped with four scales, this cart makes it possible to pick up to four orders simultaneously. With a width of just 570mm, its compact design allows easy movement past other workers even in narrow aisles.
AI picking carts-WP07-2

Multi-cart (front-on type)


Equipped with four scales, this cart is designed with smooth loading setting as top priority. It is suitable for use at sites that have wider aisles. 
AI picking carts-WP07-3

Single cart


This cart can carry up to three picking boxes in addition to the one that is currently being worked.
AI picking carts-WP07-4

Single cart (detachable type)


Based on the PKG-3100 single cart, the front part of the cart with it scales can be detached from the rear part that holds the picking boxes. This greatly reduces work required to change picking boxes when the working box becomes full.

Case Studies



AI Picking Cart - Picking Cart with Built-in Weigh Scale SPK - High-precision Dimensioning Weigh Scale

Tokyo Logistics Factory Co., Ltd.

The need for inspection and repacking of products before shipping was eliminated, dramatically improving work efficiency and increasing productivity.

AI Picking Cart with Built-in Weigh Scale and SPK High-precision Dimensioning Weigh Scale

Keihin Distribution Co., Ltd.

Improved productivity by increasing picking accuracy through double inspection (scanning and weighing) and reducing post-picking inspection work when packaging.


  • Aside from eliminating storage for forms, what is the advantage of doing away with paper picking lists?
    Time required to produce lists is eliminated, including printing. Errors in product type, packaging, and quantity that result from misreading lists are also reduced. Further, not having to hold a list leaves both hands free for picking.
  • How much time is needed for charging?
    14hours or better (front-on type cart)
    * Varies according to manner used and environment.