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A shipping/receiving/inventory management system for keeping track of workplace status in real-time



Main Features

IT-Matex III is an operations-oriented ERP-type planning system that facilitates workplace-centric management of people and resources. Playing a complementary role in ERP by serving as an interface with the workplace, it resolves a range of issues by enabling more fine-grained inventory control, greater picking productivity, and rationalization of production management. 


Food production systems

IT-Matex III helps minimize disposal losses through management of inventory and expiration dates. It provides positive prevention of blending errors and timely traceability of lots used.


Industrial systems

With IT-Matex III, you can introduce traceability to sorting of parts and components. Besides controlling inventory at the lot and production date level, you can easily track shipment of products by lot.


Distribution center systems

Real-time communication with AI picking carts reduces wasted movement during picking work, helping to increase productivity.



IT-Matex III: software operating environment

Operating system Windows XP® Professional/ Windows7® Professional
Memory At least 512 MB
Display Windows®-compatible color display (1024x768 or better recommended)
Hard disk Requires a minimum of 200 MB free space
Server Windows® Server 2008
SQL Server 2008 license

Handy terminal specifications

Operating system Windows® Embedded CE6.0 R3
Display 3.7-inch transmissive color TFT display (VGA, 480x640 dot)
Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g-compliant, WPA2-compatible
Power supply Using 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery: About 12 hours, Charging:  About 2.5 hours
Dimensions (mm) W: 69 x D: 159 x H: 23
Unit weight  Approx 270 g (including battery)
Drop resistance 1.5m
Ingress protection IP55-compliant
Use environment -5 to 50 degrees C/20 to 80% RH (no condensation)

Case Studies

Case studies


Traceability system facilitates complex management and formulation of raw materials

Nihon Kolmar Co., Ltd.

Nihon Kolmar Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics manufacturer in Japan that works on a wide range of body care and hair care products for major domestic and international cosmetics brands. To be able to accurately handle the enormous range of raw materials used in the company’s products, Nihon Kolmar introduced the IT-Matex III Traceability System. The system not only eases the physical burden on employees, it also helps relieve job stress and effectively shortens working time.

Inventory Management System Helps Prevent Shipping Errors and Increase Work Efficiency

Kobayu Co. Ltd.

Kobayu Company Ltd. introduced an inventory management system to help prevent shipping errors, such as shipping the wrong parts or wrong number of parts. This case study describes how combining IT-Matex III with counting scales and other peripheral equipment realizes a system that helps to resolve shipping issues and increase work efficiency.