A shipping/receiving/inventory management system for keeping track of workplace status in real-time

IT-Matex III is an operations-oriented ERP-type planning system that facilitates workplace-centric management of people and resources. Playing a complementary role in ERP by serving as an interface with the workplace, it resolves a range of issues by enabling more fine-grained inventory control, greater picking productivity, and rationalization of production management. 

Food production systems

IT-Matex III helps minimize disposal losses through management of inventory and expiration dates. It provides positive prevention of blending errors and timely traceability of lots used.

Industrial systems

With IT-Matex III, you can introduce traceability to sorting of parts and components. Besides controlling inventory at the lot and production date level, you can easily track shipment of products by lot.

Distribution center systems

Real-time communication with AI picking carts reduces wasted movement during picking work, helping to increase productivity.

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