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  • IT-MatexⅢ-WP01


    IT-Matex III is an operations-oriented ERP-type planning system that facilitates workplace-centric management of people and resources. Playing a complementary role in ERP by serving as an interface with the workplace, it resolves a range of issues by enabling more fine-grained inventory control, greater picking productivity, and rationalization of production management. 
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  • Matex-A100-WP01


    The Matex-A100 is a sorting system that incorporates PLT series wireless display indicators to enable layout-free sorting. By networking the PLT series, GP series printers and terminal devices, with DIGI's original package software, this is  a cost-effective system. The sorting layout or location can easily be changed because components are connected wirelessly. Sorting work proceeds smoothly when picking faces are secured as required by the amount of material.
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  • ワイヤレス計量管理システム-WP01

    Wireless W.M. System

    This wireless weighing management system makes it possible to send weight data in real time from Bluetooth®-compatible scales to handy terminals. Collected weight data can then easily be transferred to a computer through the handy terminal's cradle. This eliminates the task of data entry and helps ensure fast and accurate data management.
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