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Wireless digital sorting system takes the bother out of sorting work



Main Features

The Matex-A100 is a sorting system that incorporates PLT series wireless display indicators to enable layout-free sorting. By networking the PLT series, GP series printers and terminal devices, with DIGI's original package software, this is  a cost-effective system. The sorting layout or location can easily be changed because components are connected wirelessly. Sorting work proceeds smoothly when picking faces are secured as required by the amount of material.


3 variations of indicators

PLT series variations include PLT-1030: a triple-unit high-contrast LCD indicator, PLT-1010: a single-unit high-contrast LCD indicator, and PLT-1000: a single-unit electronic paper-type indicator. Choose the types that suit your work requirements. Especially using the PLT-1030, up to three items can be sorted simultaneously. This greatly increases work efficiency by making it possible to sort large numbers of products in small lots, or to move single sorting jobs to the head of the line. 


Low power consumption, long operating time

The PLT series is more energy-efficient than ever, providing up to 110 hours of operating time (50 hours with the PLT-1030). With the special 10-station charging unit (optional), you can fast-charge indicators in just 3 hours. Reduced charging time helps minimize battery deterioration.


Easy mounting with general-purpose attachments

Available attachments allow indicators to be mounted in a variety of situations, such as on moving racks and food crates/wagons.



Type Electronic paper indicator (PLT-1000) High-contrast LCD indicator (PLT-1010) Triple-unit high-contrast LCD indicator (PLT-1030)
Dimensions (mm) W: 192.0 x H: 42.0 x D: 31.6 W: 192.0 x H: 42.0 x D: 31.6 W: 252.0 x H: 42.0 x D: 25.9
Weight 182 g 180 g 230 g
Service temperature/humidity 0 to 40 degrees C/85% or less (no condensation)
Display Electronic paper High-contrast LCD
Number of display digits 6 digits
Completion lamp 7 colors (red, green, orange, blue, white, purple, and aqua) / Cap color:  white
Continuous operating time (at room temperature) 110 hours 110 hours 50 hours
Charging time 3 hours max
Power supply Three AA (HR6) nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries
Consumables AA (HR6) nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries
Applicable standard Proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol


Terminal for use in the workplace

  • Matex-A100-WP09-1
  • PLS-1000 (Station for indicator units)Up to 200 single indicator units can be connected simultaneously to a single station (within a 15 m radius).
  • MI-3000 (Multi initializer)Indicator unit address writer


  • What is the wireless communication range?
    A radius of about 15 m from the station for indicator units.
  • What is the life of the batteries used with the wireless digital indicator?
    About 300 charge-discharge cycles.