Picking Solution

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Increase picking accuracy and productivity
Picking routes optimized with algorithm developed by DIGI

Picking is guided along the shortest path using instructions provided in real time by DIGI's IT-Matex III shipping/receiving management system. At the same time, quantity is verified using scales built into AI picking carts. This not only reduces delivery errors, but reduces staff workload.

Customer Needs

  1. Eliminating picking errors such as wrong product selection and count errors
  2. Reduce time spent on verifying orders for shipment

Optimizes work paths and prevents work congestion

A route optimization algorithm developed by DIGI guides picking along the optimal path based on data included in work instructions. This eliminates time spent on wasted movement. At the same time, the algorithm anticipates convergence of workers in individual aisles and makes adjustments to avoid congestion.

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Verify quantities simultaneously with picking

AI picking carts with built-in high precision scales use scanners to read product barcode, eliminating counting errors and greatly increasing shipping accuracy.  Choose from a wide variety of types according to work situation.

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Productivity management

Information about picking work is collected in real time, making it easy to grasp cart operational status and progress by individual worker. Paperless analysis of work histories helps cut costs while simultaneously increasing productivity.

Picking accuracy is much higher, giving a big boost to work efficiency

Arata Corporation, Tsukuba Distribution Center

Using artificial intelligence to optimize work paths
A congestion avoidance algorithm calculates optimum picking routes based on order content, reducing distance travelled during picking and eliminating wasted movement.

Accurate multi-picking

Quantities are accurately determined by weighing with the built-in scales, allowing error-free picking of up to 4 orders simultaneously.

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