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Shipping cost optimization solution for apparel retailers

Automatically measures delivery size at the time of shipment, the new normal for EC logistics.



DIGI's automatic dimensioning and weighing technology provides powerful support for optimizing shipping costs, a key challenge in e-commerce (EC) logistics.

Increases in package delivery fees directly lead to higher costs in EC logistics. This solution efficiently reduces shipping costs for apparel retailers, whose package sizes tend to be large.

Customer Needs

  • Want to optimize package delivery costs
  • Want hassle-free size measurement of packages


Automatic size measurement of large numbers of shipping packages on a conveyor

DIGI's automatic in-motion dimensioning weigh scale automatically measures the size and weight of packages before shipping. Simply place the package on the conveyor and the system quickly and accurately captures the dimensions and weight. For the first time in the industry, automatic dimensioning of items with a height as small as 5 mm is possible.


Equipped with an integrated barcode reader

The system scans the barcode printed on the package delivery slip and automatically links the package ID (= invoice number) with the size and weight of the package. Barcode scanning and package dimensioning are processed continuously on a conveyor, for smooth and speedy shipping operations.


Measurement data Are directly sent to your PC

Barcode information (package ID), dimensions, and weight data are sent directly to your PC, instantly creating the package data record. This eliminates the need for manually keying in the invoice number and dimensions, preventing input errors. The system provides outstanding support for the tallying process in EC logistics, where speed and accuracy are a must.