High speed dynamic weigh price labeler

Top and bottom labeling

HI-700 top and bottom labeler

One or more base labelers can be integrated into the weigh price labeler, giving the extra flexibility to label both top and under side of each pack simultaneously  The base belt applicator can feed a label 40-110mm wide and 28-130mm high.
  • HI-700-WP07-1

Long scale

HI-700 long scale

Long scale (650mm) version of the HI-700
Possible pack size: 80-475mm long
40-250mm wide
180mm maximum height
  • HI-700-WP07-3

Multi labeler

HI-700 twin top and twin base labeler

HI-700 with two top labelers and two base labelers. This system will allow auto switching of labelers when one has run out of labels.
  • HI-700-WP07-4

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