Privacy Policy

The Teraoka Seiko Group sets for the following Privacy Policy with regard to handling of personal information.

  1. The Teraoka Seiko Group designates a manager who is responsible for managing use of personal information (such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses; same hereafter), and the designated manager ensures that private information is used in an appropriate manner.
  2. The Teraoka Seiko Group uses personal information collected from clients solely for the following purposes. Further, in the event that the purposes of use change, Teraoka Seiko Group will publish the revised purposes of use.
    • For consulting with clients
    • For delivery of products purchased by clients
    • For implementing warranty service applicable to products purchased by clients
    • For providing a variety of types of information to clients
    • For responding to inquiries received from clients
    • For sending of material in response to requests for material
    • For the provision and communication of information, such as notification of acceptance of applications for employment (including internship applications)
  3. To the extent required to fulfill the purposes set forth in the preceding paragraph, the Teraoka Seiko Group may provide or disclose personal information provided by clients to companies within the Group or to subcontractors to the extent required to fulfill those purposes (for example, when it is deemed appropriate to refer a client inquiry to another company within the Teraoka Seiko Group for direct response, or when provision or disclosure is needed in order to provide after service for Teraoka Seiko Group products).
  4. Telephone calls which clients make to the Teraoka Seiko Group may be recorded for the purpose of accurately grasping order information or requests for information.
  5. The Teraoka Seiko Group exercises due diligence with regard to the storage and management of personal information, and has put in place reasonable security measures, such as computer firewalls and anti-virus measures, to protect such information against disclosure, distribution, or modification as a result of unauthorized third-party access. However, these measures do not constitute a guarantee that the security measures constitute perfect protection against disclosure, loss, or modification of information by a third party.
  6. The Teraoka Seiko Group continually works to ensure compliance with legislative requirements and ministerial guidelines regarding handling of personal information, as well as to review and improve this privacy policy.
  7. Handling of personal information on websites

    The website operated by TERAOKA SEIKO for the Teraoka Seiko Group uses cookies to provide users with an extra level of convenience.
    Cookies allow the website to identify specific user computers, but are not used to gather information about specific users.
    Users of the website can change their browser security settings to refuse cookies from the website and prevent their use.
    Further, computer information accompanying client use of the website may be recorded for the following purposes:

    1. Identification and resolution of trouble or problems arising in servers
    2. Improvement of the website and/or email content
    3. Compilation of usage statistics that do not include ability to identify individuals