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DIGI consumables ensure best performance and customer convenience

DIGI offers consumables that include DIGI scale printer labels, and wrapping films that ensure the best performance from your DIGI automatic wrapper. In addition, we strive to be a one-stop shop for other consumable items you might require.

Introducing Linerless Labels

Linerless labelsan example of DIGI’s E2 (Ecological and Economical) solutions

DIGI’s linerless labels are a ground-breaking product that is backed by years of experience as a leading manufacturer in the industry. Using linerless labels means there is zero liner waste. And with no liner, there are more labels per roll for the same roll diameter. This decreases the frequency of roll replacement, which improves work efficiency while reducing storage space and transport costs.
DIGI products with linerless label printers not only have the advantage of there being no liner, they also allow automatic label cutting, which has been difficult to achieve on such printers. Automatic cutting allows printing formats that are not confined to a particular label length. This, in turn, allows more effective use of the full range of functions on the DIGI products.
For detailed information on linerless label and availability of other consumable or small ware, please contact local DIGI distributors.

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