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SM-6000, e.Label, ESL and DIGI Management Console

Bevan’s Butchers


Bevan’s Butchers beef up multi-store management with DIGI’s innovations

Established in 1929, Bevan’s Butchers is a contemporary family-run premium butchery that is well-known for its free-range meats. Nearly a century after opening its first store in Kingston, the award-winning business has since expanded to a total of 4 stores across United Kingdom.

Despite the willingness to adopt new technology to boost efficiency, 4th generation owner Robin Bevan’s contemporary approach in running the business was often dampened by printing and usability issues from previous scales.

These issues were resolved when the store’s old scales were replaced with DIGI’s SM-6000 PC-based scales. Apart from being extremely easy to use, the SM-6000’s front-loading printer allows butchers to load new label rolls without any hiccups, which maximises store efficiency especially during peak hours.

With Natasha’s Law kicking in since late 2021, the SM-6000 scale offers full compliance to this new legislation through its flexible label design, promising full ingredient labelling while highlighting allergen information to shoppers. The linerless labelling capability, when combined with the built-in auto cutter, enable variable print lengths to optimise label usage while reducing roll replacement.

Aside from being a prepacker and counter labeler, the SM-6000 also serves as a reliable Point-Of-Sale solution. The operator touchscreen comes with capacitive sensing that supports swiping gestures, allowing operators to key in orders and navigate seamlessly to shorten transaction time. Shoppers can also confirm their orders and view their transactions clearly on the large 15-inch portrait display.

The stores are equipped with DIGI’s T@POP InfoTags and e.Labels. With these electronic shelf labels (ESLs), error-prone paper price tags are now obsolete. Prices can be updated wirelessly, helping Bevan’s Butchers achieve consistent pricing and save precious manpower for other crucial tasks.

Other than the scale and price tag revamp, what truly transformed the business is the DIGI Management Console (DMC). With this cloud-based back-office software, product information can be updated remotely at any time of the day across every store.

With the four stores scattered across Southeast England, this gives Bevan’s Butchers a competitive edge as they are able to react immediately to any price volatility in the market without having to physically visit each store.

Not limited to just price management, DMC can also be used as a handy web-based tool to update products’ ingredients and allergens to keep shoppers well-informed while serving as a centralised system to consolidate real-time sales and inventory data for reporting and analysis purposes.

‘‘With the price of food going up now, being able to make those price changes, and to see what’s selling and make reports to understand what we are doing really helped us.’’ Robin Bevan, owner of Bevan’s Butchers.

The cherry on top of the cake is DIGI’s reliable aftersale support. With these solutions all coming from DIGI, having just a single point of contact ensure that service support can be carried out promptly, allowing Bevan’s Butchers to focus on delivering quality meat and exceptional service to the local community.


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Company: Bevan’s Butchers
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