DIGI France awarded "Top Supplier Retail 2023" at the 2023 reta awards

DIGI France won the Top Supplier Retail 2023 in the category Best Customer Experience thanks to the success of the e.Sense Solution in Carrefour!


reta winner 2023 Carrefour

The reta awards are a recognition of innovative and excellent technology solutions in the retail sector.
DIGI together with HL Display and Vracoop - Carrefour's partners, brought to life the Bulk avenue at the Montesson hypermarket and the Voisins le Bretonneux Market where customers can shop in bulk without individual packaging with ease.

This innovation enables customers to choose from a wide range of best-selling products (130 bins with unpacked products, including 90 representative items from 25 brands), at prices lower than those packaged on the shelves. Combined with a simple and fast shopping experience - thanks to DIGI's motion-sensing technology "e.Sense". This is a motion sensor that can be installed on both bins or dispensers. When the desired item is removed from the shelf, the motion sensor transmits the PLU to the scale. The solution enables Carrefour to reduce selection errors, reduce merchandise loss and simplify the weighing process. The system is also accompanied by a product traceability management system available to teams and customers, to provide transparency and monitoring in the management of bulk departments.

Thanks to this innovation, customers can now choose products from a wide range of bestsellers at a lower price than usual on the shelves, and shop sustainably in a simple and fast way.

TERAOKA's Bulk Shopping Solutions:

Awards ceremony held at EuroShop 2023

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