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A convenient and complete solution for a wide range of in-store applications

The LI-5600C maximizes the efficiency of in-store pre-packaging operation.  It provides opportunities in various applications that require a simple, unique solution for automatic labeling. The LI-5600C is also highly compatible with existing equipment such as MAP/SKIN packaging machines in the pre-packaging area.

Automatic weigh-label-system, a convenient and complete solution for a wide range of in-store applications

The LI-5600C, automatic weigh-label system, maximizes efficiency in the pre-packing operation. Easy to be combined into existing equipment in the pre-packing area.

Fast, accurate and flexible labeling

The newly designed 360° rotating labeler arm offers automatic label placement on packages even with long-cut linerless labels.

Catch the Shoppers' Eyes While Generating Savings on Labels

Linerless Label (LL) allows automatic adjustment of the labels to fit various lengths of texts and graphics. Custom labels are printed on a continuous roll of LL and are cut according to the sizes needed. With the new 300dpi label printers, high-resolution prints can be produced while maintaining high readability even for very small characters (e.g. nutrition and allergen information).

User-friendly operation

Wide color touch screen displays various functions such as PLU search to simplify operation, and provides convenient print viewing and free key layouts to increase speed and efficiency.

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