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San-esu Farm Agricultural Producer's Cooperative Corporation

Industrie agroalimentaire

1.5 times increase in the production volume and improved work efficiency by introduction of high-speed stretch wrapping machine W-5600SRX

In Minamishimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture, in the midst of nature surrounded by greenery, San-esu Farm is an agricultural cooperative that cultivates rare and valuable shiitake mushrooms, which are grown by only three companies in Japan.

They decided to introduce W-5600SRX to streamline the production line only on a small number of workers.


It took time and effort to wrap large trays by hand.


High-speed stretch wrapping machine W-5600SRX



Wrapping operation is automated by introduction of W-5600SRX and the number of production in a day has increased from 4,000 packs to 6,000 packs. Also,the production of large trays has increased five-fold compared to when they were wrapped manually. In additon, this automated wrapping process has reduced the need for workforce and allowed us to assign employees to other tasks.


Customer Profile

Company: San-esu Farm Agricultural Producer's Cooperative Corporation
Country: Country: Japan, Nagasaki