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High-speed in-line stretch wrapping system


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New Solution Meets New Demand

The W-5600SRX is an ingenious solution to meet the growing demand for high-mix low-volume production output required in today's food retail. 
It is the perfect workhorse not only for meat & poultry factories and central processing facilities, but also for agribusiness entities like fresh fruits and vegetable packers, mushroom producers, etc.


Higher Productivity

The enhanced wrapping capability and minimized machine downtime can double your production to a max. of 60 packs per minute. It can handle trays with various sizes, shapes, and materials.


Stable Tray Delivery

The Alignment Guide’s automatic width adjustment feature ensures consistent infeed tray alignment for fast and uniform wrapping finish. This feature can eliminate the need for operator to stop the machine and manually adjust the guide width.


Time & Cost-efficient Packaging Operation

The SRX’s two-film system auto-selects the right film for the tray in use, to reduce film usage.
This feature helps reduce plastic consumption and impact to the environment.


Firm & Secure Wrapping

The long heated conveyor works in tandem with the tray presser to guarantee a tight, secure and beautiful wrapping finish ready for long transport. This also contributes to food loss reduction.

Easy Maintenance

Wide openings in the machine casing were designed to allow quick and easy access of the machine’s interior for smooth error recovery and maintenance.



  • Front Viewunit = mm/inches
  • Side View
  • Top View


Wrapping method Stretch wrapping method
Max. wrapping capacity Up to 5kg
Wrapping speed Max. 1 package/sec. (60 packages/min.)
Package size
Width: 130 - 380mm (5.1" - 15")
Height: 10 - 150mm (0.4" - 5.9")
Depth: 80 - 260mm (3.1"- 10.2")
The combination of maximum size of each dimensions cannot be used.
The package size that can be wrapped also depends on the dimensions of the film in use.
Film roll capacity Two rolls (auto-switching)
Film type PVC, Polyethylene
Film width
300 - 500mm (12" - 19.7")
Due to machine settings, the width difference between the two films in use has to be 50mm or 50mm increments.

Operation console

Display panel TFT LCD color (15 inches) touch panel
Keypad Mechanical keys and touch screen
Memory capacity for programmable files 18 GB


Power source and power consumption AC220-240V; 50/60Hz; 14A, 2.7kW
Net weight Approx. 600kg/1,322 lbs.

Étude de cas

Case study


Spargelhof Willemsen Harvests Success with the W-5600SRX

Spargelhof Willemsen - ZEGRA

Spargelhof Willemsen (Zegra) has achieved a remarkable 150% increase in productivity with the introduction of the W-5600SRX, allowing the 4th generation family business to efficiently package over 200,000 trays of asparagus annually. The results speak for themselves, with a production speed of 50 packs per minute.

Preguntas frecuentes

  • What is the packable size?
    We support 130 to 380 mm (5.1" - 15"), depth 80 to 260 mm (3.1"- 10.2") and height 10 to 150 mm (0.4" - 5.9"). However, the size of the package that can be wrapped also depends on the film and tray used.
  • What kind of film can be used?
    We support PVC, Polyethylene, and specific shrink films. Please consult your DIGI contact for brands.
  • What is the available film width?
    We support film width 300 to 500 mm (12" - 19.7"). Note that the difference of two films should be 50 mm or in 50 mm increments.
  • Can it install two films with the same width?
  • Can it switch between two films automatically?
  • Can it connect with a front conveyor?
    Yes, please source locally. Note that its speed and height should be adjustable to the SRX specifications.
  • Can it wrap paper trays?
    Yes, but it depends on the strength of the paper. Please consult your DIGI contact for the details.