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Buy The Weigh


New zero waste shop employs user-friendly and eco-friendly retail scale ‘SM-6000’

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought a feeling of uncertainty around the world, Susan Lansdowne and her husband Rob began to think about the evolving needs of their local community. Recognizing the need for more environmentally friendly and community-oriented lifestyles, the couple took a risk and opened up a zero-waste shop in their village of Ticehurst, England.

In April 2020, they opened Buy The Weigh, selling a wide variety of products from dried goods to household necessities. Products are selected both for quality and their impact on the environment, with items being organic, sustainably produced, fair trade, or some other designation.

Faced with the challenge of selecting appropriate equipment that would provide a user-friendly experience for the members of their community, co-owners Susan and Rob came across DIGI through an online forum. Shortly after, they became interested in the SM-6000SSP PC-based self-service scale, which features a 15-inch highly readable LED display and linerless labels for an eco-friendly touch.

Even with lockdowns and limitations on travel, Buy The Weigh has seen success in serving the needs of the village and is hoping to see their business expand in the future, bringing their vision of ethical shopping to more locations in the area.

DIGI is proud to be able to support Buy The Weigh by providing advanced and functional solutions backed-up by strong and responsive technical support.


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Company: Buy The Weigh
Country: UK