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Easy-clean design stainless-steel weighing scale



Ana Özellikler

The DS-676SS is an efficient and hygienic stainless-steel weighing scale, designed for easy cleaning. With a large LCD display for improved visibility and a low height for ease of loading and unloading, this scale is ideal for any professional setting.

Easy to Clean

The corrosion-resistant stainless-steel sheet construction of the body housing makes it simple to keep clean and hygienic

Large LCD Display

This compact scale features a large LCD display for improved accessibility and visibility in any environment.

Compact Design

Enhancing productivity with a lower loading/unloading height.

Teknik Özellikler


  • WP05
  • WP05
  • WP05

Basic Specifications

Model DS-676SS
Capacity 0.6/1.5kg 1.5/3kg 3/6kg 6/15kg 15/30kg
Interval 0.2/0.5g 0.5/1g 1/2g 2/5g 5/10g
Display LCD display Weight display: 6 digits
Power Source 4 x C size dry battery or DC Adapter(DC 6V to 9V)
Power Consumption 0.04W when DC 6V, or dry battery
Operating Temperature -10° C to +40° C (OIML)
Operating Humidity 15% to 85% RH
Dimensions 250(W)x 290(D)x 130(H)mm
Platter size: 245mm x 198.5mm

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


  • How do I check the weighing data on my PC?
    You can use weigh scale communication software (sold separately) to display the data on your PC. You can also save the data in CSV format.