Perakende Gıda Endüstrisi Lojistik Konuk Ağırlama Hizmetler ve Bulut

High speed labeling solution

Fast printing for fast production

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Gıda Endüstrisi

Genel Bakış

High speed print and apply of label to the top and/or base of products

With a choice of applicators and thermal head size the DIGI 700 series labeler has great flexibility for efficient high speed production.

Müşteri Gereksinimleri

  • Dosya veri kontrolünü ve doğru etiket basımını yönetin
  • Üretim hızını artırın


Faster production

The 700 series machines offer a range of labeling applications to aid quick and accurate label production and placement onto the pack.


The DIGI 700 net software can support the range of 700 series machine enabling a network to be built up. The application software has a host of features allowing programming, setup and analysis of totals data.