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Looking for open-minded individuals who delight in using new ideas to create new markets

DIGI Canada was formed in 1985 with 7 people and has grown to over 100 people today. This group of individuals thrive in our tradition and culture, where minds meet and work together.

DIGI Canada is committed to supplying our technicians with the latest in equipment and training so they can provide the best possible service to our customers. Our formula is a simple one – hire the right people, and provide them with the best possible work environment.

  • Our Sales Team will evaluate customers' needs and suggest the best suited products.
  • Our Installation Team will ensure proper installation and training to you and your staff to mitigate switching cost.
  • Our Service Team has the product knowledge and carries the parts needed to provide fast and efficient service. Our policy is one of “First-Call Resolution” – Once our service team is in customers' store, we won't leave until we find a solution.
  • Through our rich R&D, we offer a complete and technologically advanced portfolio of cutting-edge products for one-stop and total solution.
  • Our Product Engineering Team is always grateful for the excellent communication between our customers and our team as it ensures that we are developing products that our customers are asking for.

Each of our teams has a unique role and their superior skillset and knowledge are what sustains us. We work independently and unite as a solid team, ensuring that our customers expectations are exceeded every step of the way.

Employment Opportunities

Field Engineer

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Sales Representative

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There are no positions available at this time.