Bringing Together Our Latest Solutions in One Location! An Experience-based Showroom for the Food Industry and Logistics

The Teraoka Experience Showroom, showcasing solutions for the logistics (manufacturing and distribution) and food industry (food production and processing) business areas, opened in April 2019 near the Teraoka Seiko Headquarters building in Tokyo.

The showroom is a 1,200 sq. m (13,000 sq. ft.) structure with four stories. The first floor is dedicated to food industry and logistics solutions, and the third floor houses the TERAOKA/DIGI Call Center, which offers 24/365 customer call support that boasts one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

The first floor is a joint showroom featuring leading-edge logistics and food industry products, but the space is not just for demonstrating and explaining the products and solutions. It also provides visitors with the opportunity for hands-on experience to evaluate, verify, and confirm the suitability of the products and solutions being offered.

The food industry corner is connected to a test kitchen laboratory, a clean space that closely replicates the real-world environment. Attendees can bring their own food products and actually experience sterilizing them with our carbonated electrolytic hypochlorite water sterilizer and packaging them with our MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) wrapping equipment to see the results first-hand. At the logistics corner, visitors can experience an advanced automatic weighing and dimensioning scale and sorting system that can instantly barcode scan, weigh, and dimension items as they pass down the conveyor.

In recent years, labor-saving measures in the food industry have been advancing in response to labor shortages and the increasing demand for ever-higher levels of food safety and work efficiency. And, in the logistics market, the rapid growth of e-commerce is driving demand for increased efficiency and cost reduction. With our guiding principle of creating new standards, TERAOKA/DIGI is dedicated to providing the food industry and logistics business areas with leading-edge solutions that comprise advanced products and systems backed by innovative cloud services and dependable product and customer support.

Use of the showroom facilities is by appointment only – please contact your sales representative.



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