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Leading-edge Products and Systems Backed by High-quality Support and Cloud Services

At DIGI we are helping our customers' business by offering innovative products that are backed by high-quality support and advanced IoT and cloud services.

By connecting the customer's equipment with our call center we can offer a wide variety of support services in Japan

DIGI IoT Service Main Functions

A remote monitoring system to supervise system operations around the clock

Customer terminals are monitored 24 hours a day from our call centers. Should a malfunction occur, an alert is generated at a call center, often before the customer even notices. An operator will confirm the nature of the malfunction and take corrective action remotely. This contributes to greatly reducing downtime for customers.

Realizing efficiency and visualization in payment processing through a dedicated portal site


Application programs in products become out-of-date as time passes. Auto-update allows programs to be continually upgraded so that the latest functionality is available at all times.

Note: Auto-update can also be used to remotely upgrade for legal compliance.

Using AI to predict failure conditions

An AI learning model is created from training data collected using IoT operational data, service call history, part replacement history, and part service life (replacement period). Failure predictions are made for each individual piece of equipment regarding the timing for replacing parts, and the components that might need adjustment and/or cleaning.

Increasing maintenance and inspection efficiency through data sharing

System data can be accessed by field service engineers during on-site inspections and by call center operators during call handling.

  • While performing regular on-site inspections, field service engineers can use the prediction data for preventative maintenance by additionally replacing parts or adjusting/cleaning areas designated by the data.
  • Call center operators can view the current operating status of equipment and the wear status of parts while handling a call. If they dispatch a field engineer, they can share the data with the engineer to facilitate a speedy solution to the issue.