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The latest in-line automatic wrapping solution

The W-5600CPRII is an automatic in-line wrapping solution offering a maximum 30 packages/minute throughput, with the wrapped items discharged at the machine's rear side.
It is ideal solution for producers, mushroom farms, meat plants, supermarket processing centers and others who need to wrap large amount of products with high efficiency and reliability. The W-5600CPRII provides great flexibility in implementing production lines to maximize productivity and efficiency. 
The easy and quick film change, as well as easy cleaning and daily maintenance ensures user-friendly operation, stable performance, high level hygienic condition and extraordinary user satisfaction.

In-line automatic wrapping system

The latest in-line automatic wrapping system to meet various layout options.

Flexible production layout

The W-5600CPRII enables flexible production layout by providing various package discharging options in order to meet customer demands to achieve the most efficient operation and productivity.

Secure and beautiful finish

On top of the long heater conveyor that provides sufficient heat on package bottom, a tray press is also used to push down packages on the heater conveyor to ensure that the bottom is properly sealed.  This prevents the opening and loosening of the packages during transportation, as well as to maintain tight and beautiful presentation.

Easy film replacement

The simple mechanical design makes it extremely easy to change film rolls, needing less than a minute, which minimizes machine down time and ensures  maximum efficiency.  It also makes shifting to different film sizes for different trays and products very easy and fast, without the need for any tools.  This adds flexibility, optimizes film usage, and guarantees consistently beautiful wrapping finish.

Easy cleaning and daily maintenance

Parts that have contact with the package are easily accessible and detachable for cleaning and daily maintenance, which guarantees the W-5600CPRII's reliable and consistent performance as well as its superb hygienic condition.

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