A completely new kind of self-order food ticket-vending system for the hospitality industry. Delious LIO is a stylish and pleasant-to-use solution that helps resolve serving personnel shortages.

With a sleek and stylish form factor that's only 500 mm wide, Delious LIO offers a new experience in self-order food ticket vending. With its large-size portrait-oriented touch-panel,  an industry first, Delious LIO makes self-ordering a delight. Not only can it help resolve serving personnel shortages that the hospitality industry currently faces, its multi-language capability provides a novel self-ordering solution that's ideally suited for inbound tourism.  

22-inch Portrait-oriented Touch Panel - an Industry First

Delious LIO's  spacious 22-inch portrait-oriented touch panel - a first for the industry - lets customers select menu items  at  a glance. The portrait orientation directs the customer's gaze from top to bottom, seamlessly guiding them from menu selection, through to the order total and payment. The large, easy-to-view display gives maximum layout flexibility.

Universal Design in a Sleek 500 mm Wide Form Factor

Its ergonomic design considers the average height of Japanese women between 18 and 65 years of age, which is 157 cm. And, the Delious LIO offers a sleek 500 mm wide form factor, in spite of the fact is has a large-capacity internal coin hopper. The design also takes security into account by making the ticket paper roll unit separate from the main unit, so the door to the coin hopper area does not need to be opened during daily operation. 

Multi-settlement and Multi-language Capabilities (Optional)

By adopting the Payoss multi-settlement payment system,  in addition to allowing payment with major credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, and JCB, customers can use a variety of e-money payment methods. This wide range of payment options further enhances the customer shopping experience. And, with language support in English, Chinese, and Korean, Delious LIO is an excellent way to help satisfy the needs created by inbound tourism.

Hospitality Business Operation Support in the Cloud

Using the Delious Cloud service, the diverse data needed for operating a hospitality business can be managed on the network. From sales data management to attendance control, Delious Cloud provides solid support for your hospitality business management needs. 

Stylish Look Offers a Wide Range of Installation Site Options

Delious LIO has a simple and stylish design that turns the traditional ticket vending machine image on its head. This fresh new look makes it a perfect match for stores and facilities that you'd never imagine would use a ticket-vending machine. Of course, it's great for restaurants, but it can also be used for specialty and fast-food stores, and hot spring facilities -  just about any industry and location.  

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