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Solution with linerless labels

Linerless labels allow variable length and flexible print formats

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DIGI linerless labeler automatically cuts labels to just the right length. For an eco-friendly and label cost-saving solution.

Unused white space on linerless labels is automatically detected and reduced for individual PLUs. Linerless labeler is the solution for reducing label consumption. This innovation breaks with existing convention and offers flexible and varied labeling options.

Customer Needs

  • Reduce total cost relates to consumable
  • Design more attractive labels
  • Increase flexibility in label formats


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Linerless solution greatly reduces label cost

Do you determine the size of all your labels according to your biggest PLU file? DIGI linerless labelers cut linerless labels to just the right length depending on the amount of information  without unnecessary white space that needs to be printed for each item. Since labels do not have liners (back-paper), you also reduce the amount of waste requiring disposal.

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Print more attractive labels in various formats

With linerless labels, you can create more appealing labels for printing in various layouts and sizes from the same roll with less limitation in label size, . by using a variety of fonts and designing eye-catching labels (e.g., promotional POP labels, seasonal food information, suggested recipes, and better way to eat).

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Reduce material handling cost

Do you use different sized labels in each department? Our linerless solution lets you create labels in various layouts and sizes, so you can use one type of label roll in common for all departments. This also facilitates inventory control/management and reduces logistical costs. We assure you that DIGI genuine linerless label will bring you the best printing performance.