Fully integrated weigh-wrap-label system designed for operational comfort and environmental friendliness




Wrapping speed Max. 36 packages/min.
Package size Width: 130 to 380 mm / 5.1-15 inches
Height: 10 to 130 mm /0.4-5.1 inches
Depth: 80 to 254 mm / 3.1-10 inches

The combination of maximum size of each dimensions cannot be used.
The size of the package that can be wrapped also depends on the film to use.
Film roll capacity One
Film width 300 to 450 mm


Interval type Multi interval Single interval
Capacity Max. 3/6 kg Max. 6/15 kg Max. 30 lb
Scale interval e=1/2 g e=2/5 g e=0.01 lb
Weighing range 20 g-6 kg 40 g-15 kg 0.20-30 lb
Max. wrapping capacity 5 kg 5 kg 11 lb


Label type Thermal printer
Labeling application Automatic
Label width 40-80 mm/1.6-3.1 inches
Label length 28-105 mm/1.1-4.1 inches

Operation console

Display panel TFT LCD color (15 inches) touch panel
Operation keys Mechanical keys and touch screen
Memory for programmable files 18 GB


Power source and power consumption 208-240 V; 1 φ/3 φ; 60 Hz; 2.2 kVA,2.2 kW
220-240 V; 1 φ; 50/60 Hz; 2.2 kVA,2.2 kW
Net weight Approx. 400 kg / 882 lb

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