PC-Based Scales SM-5500G Case Study: Renmans

Renmans uses SM5500G EVP++ to integrate cash payment system in 400+ stores


“The automated and integrated payment process saves time and money.”

Luc Van De Vijver, Renmans

Business Needs:

Renmans is a big organization. A chain of approx. 400 stores. To reduce mistakes in cash exchange and to improve hygiene they installed cash payment systems. These machines needed to be connected to @Fresh and the DIGI scales.


- Customizing @FRESH to work with the cash payment systems.
- Making the DIGI SM5500 EVP++ work with the cash payment systems.


The flexibility and connectivity of the DIGI SM5500 scales made sure the cash payment machines were integrated seamless in the DIGI network. The @FRESH software connect the whole back office to the payment machines.

The Renmans Story

We can't tell the story of this case without telling the story of the customer, Renmans.
Although the Renmans family has been tied to butcheries for multiple generations, it was Henri Renmans who really set things of. In 1978 he opened several butcheries. One of those was near an Aldi supermarket which was an instant success. Right now Renmans has 402 butcheries in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. It’s still a 100% family owned company.

Traditional, yet modern

When it comes to production methods in their butcheries, Renmans works very traditional. The meat is cut in the workplaces of the stores itselves, they still use the old brick and mortar business model to sell the goods.

But when it comes to all things back-office, Renmans is one of the most cutting edge retail chains. They can monitor activity in each store, have an advanced cash management system etc.

DIGI, partner in integration

For Renmans, DIGI is more than scales. DIGI is responsible for setting up an ERP that helps Renmans monitor the shops seamlessly. To archieve this Renmans uses the following DIGI tools:

  • SM5500G EVP LL scales. The most powerful DIGI scale to date is specially customized for the Renmans store. Renmans chose the most powerful version of the G scale to be as fast as possible. Operators experience nearly no downtime. Obviously, Renmans choose the linerless option. They sell a large selection of readymade meals that need larger labels. The autocut option is perfect for theur needs.

  • @FRESH. DIGI’s ERP solution is tailor made for Renmans. It handles all difficult invoicing calculations, synchronizes PLU’s and works as a monitor tool. It also supports Renmans vast custom loyalty system. It also facilitates the integration of cash payment systems.

  • Scanners and printers organize customer flow and loyalty card detection.


Customer Profile

Company: Renmans
Country: Belgium, France, Luxemburg
Website: http://www.renmans.com/

For more details:

Sales +65 6378 5387
Main Line +65 6861 3911