PC-Based Scales SM-5500α Case Study: Papamanos

Greek butcher’s latest store incorporates SM-5500α

Mr. Papamanos is a young, ambitious entrepreneur that has taken the industry by storm. He now owns 4 shops the latest being the largest and the most high tech.

The Papamanos family roots date back to the 1950’s, when his grandfather a farmer had a local grocery shop. The young entrepreneur, after learning the business from his family, took the initiative to start up his own butchery shop in 2004 and whiting 12 years managed to become one of the most well-known names in the butchery industry of northern Greece.

After some market research into weighting solutions Mr. Papamanos decided to incorporate DIGI scales and work with Chronografiki because of our reliability, after sale support and excellent customer relationships.


Customer Profile

Company: Coop Denmark A/S
Country: Greece

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Sales +65 6378 5387
Main Line +65 6861 3911