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Many automatic labelling functions for the food industry with proven results


Food Industry

Main Features

Based on field experience, the automatic labeler features a larger display with simpler operation for convenience stores and other vendors' use.


Labeler for present-day

Labeling speed, accuracty, easy of cleaning, and footprint have all been improved. The entire labeling process is now much easier.


Uniform management of data

When connected with labeler controller PCS-L700, the following can be easily managed: 

1.Label Master
2.Printed Date
3.Print Order
4.Labeling Progress
5.Labeling Results



  • HC-700-WP05-1
  • HC-700-WP05-2
  • HC-700-WP05-3
Dimension of product for labeling(Recommended) Width: 50 ~ 240mm
Length: 70 ~ 350mm
Height: 15 ~ 190mm
Label dimensions Top application(Standard cylinder) Width: 40 ~ 80mm
Length: 28 ~ 100mm
Top application(High-precision cylinder) Width: 20 ~ 80mm
Length: 20 ~ 100mm
Bottom application Width: 40 ~ 80mm
Length: 28 ~ 80mm
Power consumption(standby/operation) 82W/295W
Main unit dimension W681xL750xH1545mm
Conveyor height 800±50mm
Power supply Main unit:single phase 220-240v
Air source Top application:max1.6/Label Bottom application:max 2.36ℓ/Label


Top/Bottom Application Models

Model HC-700UB HC-700U HC-700B
HC-700UB HC-700U HC-700B
Top Application -
Bottom Application -



Split conveyor

Suitable for bags or thin products. The product sensor reads in a diagonal line.

Label inspection(LIS-B1/LIS-D1)

LIS Series can automatically check for the bottom label while also handling various tasks.

Head check

Option Features
Head Check Checks the thermal head condition to ensure good quality printing.