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A waste weighing & management system for visualizing your garbage disposal situation



Main Features

Weisys is a total management system to grasp when, where, what kind of and how much the garbage are generated in your place.  By having these information consolidated in the central PC for analysis, you will have full control of the situation to reduce the total volume of the garbage.

A waste weighing & management system

A waste weighing & management system for visualizing your garbage disposal situation

Easy operation by barcode scanning

Easy operation by barcode scanning

The system can be intuitively operated even by a person using it for the first time. A barcode scanner with large touch panel helps prevent operator errors.

Enforcing waste sorting with weight labels

Labels for thorough waste management

Weisys prints weight labels upon completion of weighing. Labels attached to waste help you verify that all waste is weighed and sorted, and ensure accuracy of overall waste management.

Network capability

Various network capabilities provide you with easy and quick grasp of your waste situation. Reports are available in CSV and PDF.



Console Display panel 7.7 inches color LCD
Printer Type Thermal printer
Printing width 25 to 80mm
General Printing Length 20 to 150mm
External dimension (mm) W: 203 X D: 365 X H: 392.5
Net weight 8.8kg
Power supply 100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 17.7W(Idling)/85W(Printing)



Large scale with ramp


Large, 150kg scale with connectable ramp. Equipped with side guards to prevent wheels of platform carts from going over the edge. 
Capacity: 150kg
Interval: 20g (50g)      
Weighing area: W600×D700mm

Low platter scale


Low profile scale which does not require to pit to install the weighing platform.
Capacity: 300kg
Interval: 100g      
Weighing area: W960×D1200mm

Medium-size scale


Medium-size 60kg scale for use in restricted spaces. 
Capacity: 60kg
Interval: 10g(20g)
Weighing area: W960×D1200mm